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Are Private Colleges Subject to Title IX? Our Experienced Title 9 Lawyer Explains

Title IX By Binnall Law Group - 2021/09/24 at 10:02am

Students accused of sexual misconduct that could constitute a Title 9 violation often wonder if they have to worry if they attend a private school. After all, Title IX applies to educational programs that receive federal funding, like public universities. 

Although Title IX contains exemptions for some programs, most private colleges are required to follow Title IX regulations. That means anyone accused of a Title IX violation should talk to a Title 9 lawyer to find out how to protect their rights even if the allegations involve a private college or university.

How Private is a Private School?

Private colleges are not sponsored by the state or federal government and that means they do not have to abide by many rules established for public education facilities. However, virtually every private college receives some form of federal funding. This includes: 

  • Federal student loans
  • Work-study programs
  • Pell grants
  • Research grants

Because of this, private colleges and universities need to follow the same Title IX requirements as public schools. They must establish the same types of policies and procedures for handling allegations of sexual harassment, assault or other misconduct as state-run and other public educational institutions. For Title 9 purposes, there really is no such thing as a private school.

When Students at Private Colleges Should Consult a Title 9 Lawyer

Rules and procedures addressing allegations of sexual misconduct on campus or involving students are geared to protect potential victims. Those accused of violations can face a great risk of having their rights ignored or being tricked into forfeiting their rights. Moreover, campus Title 9 proceedings do not offer the accused many of the same protections they would receive if accused before a court of law. 

Allegations of sexual misconduct can leave a student absolutely friendless. To protect their rights and their future, a student should consult an experienced Title 9 lawyer for advice if they think there is any chance that they could be accused of a Title 9 violation. An attorney who understands school disciplinary proceedings involving Title 9 could help a student ensure that their side of the story is heard and that steps are taken to protect to minimize the impact on the student’s record and future. 

Talk to a Dedicated Title 9 Lawyer

On the surface, an accusation of sexual misconduct may not seem that serious if it is treated as a Title 9 violation rather than a criminal charge. However, the outcome of school disciplinary proceedings can damage relationships and destroy potential eligibility for future opportunities in ways that are impossible to measure. Moreover, a student censured by a college could later face criminal charges stemming from the same incident.

Working with an experienced Title 9 lawyer as soon as allegations arise can offer the best opportunities to protect the student’s rights and build a solid defense strategy. The dedicated legal team at Binnall Law Group knows how the cards can be stacked against students accused of misconduct and the detrimental effects that often follow. For a confidential consultation to learn how to work toward a positive outcome in a Title 9 case, contact Binnall Law Group today.