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White Collar Criminal Defense

After several high-profile cases, the government has made prosecuting white collar crimes a priority. Virginia and federal law enforcement agents often use intimidating and invasive tactics during the course of an investigation. Even if charges are later dropped or the defendants are acquitted, the damage can be substantial. A company faces loss of revenue and harm to its brand reputation, whereas individuals may lose their careers, financial security and freedom.

Binnall Law Group’s aggressive, dedicated Alexandria white collar defense attorneys are available to assist you with your case. In fact, we handle these white collar matters all throughout the country. We deliver candid, experienced advice about complex white collar crimes and protect our clients’ rights throughout the investigation and prosecution. Our office acts with discretion and confidentiality to preserve our clients’ reputation and financial health while protecting their rights in the criminal justice system.

Representation During an Investigation

Law enforcement often casts a wide net when investigating white collar crimes. Unfortunately, people sometimes think they have a duty to talk to law enforcement and provide them with access to their records, or believe that retaining legal counsel will make them look guilty. To the contrary, law enforcement has a duty to follow the law regarding searches and seizures and interrogations. Consulting with a white collar defense lawyer is not a sign of guilt, but is instead a smart approach to an important legal matter.

The earliest moments of an investigation are crucial. An offhand statement or a seemingly innocuous document may in fact be a smoking gun or it can be misconstrued in a way that encourages further investigation or leads to charges.

We recommend retaining counsel as soon as a company or individual becomes a subject, target, or a witness in an FBI or other law enforcement investigation. Our attorneys ensure the investigators follow the letter of the law and remain present during questioning. We advise our clients on their rights to refuse to answer questions or turn over documents.

In some cases, our early involvement stops the investigation from moving forward. Either we demonstrate that the prosecution has insufficient evidence to file charges or, if appropriate, we negotiate a deal that avoids formal charges. If the prosecution does move forward, our early involvement might keep damaging evidence out of the courtroom.

Our Trial Attorneys Are Aggressive Courtroom Advocates

Binnall Law Group is an experienced trial firm. From the start, we consider all facts in light of the rules of evidence, procedure and constitutionality. Would that statement or document be admitted at trial? Do we have a constitutional challenge to an unlawful search and seizure? How will admissible evidence be an advantage or detriment to our client’s case?

We regularly try cases in the fast-paced rocket docket of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, so we are used to preparing for trial quickly in all jurisdictions. We are proud of our efficient system for successfully preparing our defense. We are, thus, ready and willing to take a case to trial. We are also in a strong negotiating position should a plea deal be better for our client.

If You Are the Target of a White-Collar Crime, Consult with an Experienced Alexandria Attorney Immediately

Consult with experienced counsel to protect your rights during an investigation or prosecution for a white collar crime. Binnall Law Group is available to answer your questions about your rights and options for a successful defense.