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Monthly Archives: March 2022

PREDICTED: Supreme Court Stays Vaccine Mandate

Civil Rights and LibertiesIn The News By Binnall Law Group - 2022/03/08 at 10:08am

By: Shawn M. Flynn and Jared J. Roberts  In a recent October 2021 Townhall article, Binnall Law Group correctly predicted that the Supreme Court would strike down the Occupational Health and Safety Administration’s (OSHA) vaccine mandate because such a mandate is not within the statutory authority of OSHA. Specifically, the article argued that the Supreme Court should find that “OSHA’s intelligible principle is unconstitutionally broad, and thus their vaccine mandate is invalid and unconstitutional. Even if OSHA’s intelligible principle were legitimate, by mandating vaccines, OSHA would not be acting within the bounds of their intended power.” The article argued that […]

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