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Parliamentary Procedure

When any group meets to deliberate and make decisions, it is important to know the rules to make sure that the actions taken are legitimate and that the rights of all the participants are properly protected. Likewise, people involved in deliberative assemblies often need expert advice about the rules to shape an effective strategy for pursuing their goals. In these cases, and others, having the right professional parliamentarian makes all the difference.

Binnall Law Group is proud to offer parliamentary procedure consulting though its subsidiary, Parliamentary Strategies, LLC, which is led by partner, Jesse Binnall.

Jesse has been a certified professional parliamentarian for over 15 years. He has served all sorts of organizations as a parliamentarian, including political campaigns, professional organizations, and associations of licensing boards. He has served as a strategic parliamentarian for four presidential campaigns and he has served as an expert witness on parliamentary procedure issues in multiple hearings, including a hearing in federal court, where the judge ruled for Jesse’s client and credited his testimony.

Because of his training and extensive experience, Jesse is familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, and various other parliamentary authorities. If your organization needs an objective parliamentarian to advise it on procedure or if you need a strategic advisor to help develop a winning strategy at a convention or other meeting, Parliamentary Strategies is the winning choice.