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Binnall Law Group

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717 King Street
Suite 200

Alexandria, VA 22314


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Directions to Our Historic Location

Binnall Law Group, PLLC is located in the heart of Old Town Alexandria on charming King Street lined with trees and historic buildings. Our office is on the third floor of 717 King Street, between Columbus Street and Washington Street, directly above the Pita House and sandwiched between The Light Horse and Papyrus. You’ll be able to see our blue shingle hanging from our office. Ample parking is available on the surrounding streets and garages in the area. The closest garage is less than two blocks away on N. Alfred Street, between King Street and Cameron Street.

From Northeast Alexandria, main roads to our location include N. Patrick Street and N. Henry Street. From the south, take S. Patrick Street and S. Henry Street. Take Duke Street or King Street from the west and I-495 from the beltway.

The closest Metro stop is King Street, which is about half a mile away. Alexandria offers free trolley service from the Metro station down King Street, with a stop almost directly across the street from our office.


Schedule an Appointment with Binnall Law Group, PLLC

Binnall Law Group, PLLC is available for appointments during our regular office hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday and by appointment during the off hours. Do not hesitate to contact us after hours in urgent situations, such as us if you or someone you know has been arrested for a white-collar crime or might incur substantial damages unless an emergency injunction is filed.