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Civil Rights and Political Law

Binnall Law Group’s civil rights, civil liberties and political law practice is proud to serve people who are involved in our electoral process and those whose rights have been violated by government actors. Some of our clients have included:

  • College students who have been disciplined for exercising their constitutional rights;
  • Political operatives who are parties to disputes before the Federal Election Commission;
  • Individuals and businesses serving political campaigns who might be impacted by disclosure requirements and other FEC regulations;
  • An individual charged with violating federal campaign finance laws;
  • Witnesses called to testify before federal grand juries;
  • Companies wishing to resist overly broad government subpoenas and warrants;
  • Businesses fighting unconstitutional restrictions on their freedom of speech;
  • Clients opposing gag orders that violate the first amendment’s freedom of speech; and
  • Entities wishing to file amicus briefs, or friend of the court briefs, in important civil rights law suits.

In each of these cases, the government is usually on the other side with nearly unlimited resources. That is why it is more important than ever that Binnall Law Group lawyers try more cases than many other firms so they are prepared for these big fights against government entities.