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Category: White Collar Criminal Defense

Defending Against a Perjury Charge

White Collar Criminal Defense By Binnall Law Group - 2021/01/22 at 03:36pm

Seek Help From an Experienced Alexandria White Collar Defense Attorney   Perjury is a serious criminal charge, whether in the white collar criminal defense context or otherwise.  Essentially, a defendant can be held liable for perjury if they make a false statement under oath, or otherwise falsifying information material to an official legal proceeding. If you’ve been charged with perjury, then you could be subject to severe penalties.  Here at Binnall Law Group, our team can help you navigate this charge and avoid liability.  For now, let’s take a brief look at some of the defenses that you can use. […]

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Defending Against White Collar Criminal Charges in Virginia

White Collar Criminal Defense By Binnall Law Group - 2020/07/31 at 08:59am

Get the Help You Need From Our Alexandria White Collar Defense Attorney A white collar crime is typically considered any non-violent crime that is motivated by financial gain. The name comes from the expected criminal, meaning white collar crimes are usually committed by white collar workers like accountants, bankers, government employees, business owners, doctors and lawyers. Anything from inflating or deflating your income on your personal taxes, to pulling off a fraudulent financial scheme can be considered a white collar crime. Even in seemingly small personal cases, these crimes can have disastrous consequences for your career and your personal life. […]

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Accused of a White Collar Crime in Virginia? Know Your Rights

White Collar Criminal Defense By Binnall Law Group - 2020/06/30 at 08:41am

White collar crime is an often unexplored area of criminal activity. Very few TV crime dramas are dedicated exclusively to white collar crimes, and many of the sensational news stories that hit the presses have more to do with murders and kidnappings than bank fraud or money laundering. White collar crimes may not necessarily claim a bold headline, but their consequences can be devastating for a convicted criminal’s future, both personally and professionally. It’s important to know what constitutes white collar crimes in Virginia and what could happen if you are caught or charged with one. What Qualifies as a […]

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The Crime of Falsifying Business Records

White Collar Criminal Defense By Binnall Law Group - 2019/11/15 at 09:40pm

Experienced Fraud Attorney in Alexandria, VA Ethical business can only be conducted when the various records underlying its relationships to public and private entities are an honest and accurate reflection of their contents.  If a business intentionally misrepresents its revenue by doctoring records in an attempt to secure additional investment funding, that is tantamount to fraud, and states have criminalized such misconduct. Mistakes and incorrect interpretations happen.  If you’ve been wrongly accused of the white collar crime of falsifying business records, then it’s important that you aggressively defend the claim so as to avoid liability and protect your business reputation.  […]

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