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Category: Privacy

Protecting Your Car’s Privacy

Privacy By Binnall Law Group - 2018/01/09 at 09:25am

Admit it: you’ve given little thought about how to stop hackers from taking over your car. Sure, you lock your doors and hope that a thief doesn’t hot-wire your ignition, but now hackers are the new danger on the horizon, with the rise of the smart car. In fact, the annual Law Vegas-based hacker convention, DefCon, has been allowing its attendees to try their luck at hacking into cars for a number of years already. As a result of this threat, international regulators have issued guidance to manufacturers on how to protect drivers’ privacy and safety (see article here). There […]

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H&B Client Files Brief in Apple Privacy Case

Privacy By Binnall Law Group - 2016/03/07 at 02:02pm

Binnall Law Group is proud to be working with Lavabit LLC again in its brief supporting Apple in its dispute with the FBI. The tech-company gained notoriety in 2013 when it shuttered its service rather than give the Government unfettered access to the accounts of its 400,000 + customers. The brief in the Apple case argues that the FBI’s proposal violates the All Writs Act, the First Amendment (freedom of speech), and the Thirteenth Amendment (involuntary servitude).  

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