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Monthly Archives: December 2021

What A Title IX Defense Attorney Wants You to Know About Title IX No Contact Orders

Title IX By Binnall Law Group - 2021/12/31 at 07:00am

When a student accuses someone of a Title IX violation, the school can impose a “no contact” order (NCO) on the person accused of the violation. Some colleges refer to these as No Contact Directives or another term. NCOs may be accompanied by other restrictions that can have a broad reach and make life confusing and difficult for the person facing allegations. It is important for accused students to understand their rights and know how to act when an order is imposed. If they say or do the wrong thing, it could seriously harm their case and leave them open […]

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Why Strategies for Avoiding Litigation May Cost You More

Business and Commercial DisputesLitigation By Binnall Law Group - 2021/12/24 at 07:00am

Litigation is expensive and time-consuming. It makes sense to resolve business disputes out of court in many cases. However, sometimes, companies will go to great lengths to avoid a lawsuit, and in the process, they create costly problems. The solution in many situations is to consult a business attorney who is familiar with litigation strategies. An experienced Alexandria business litigation attorney could review the situation, advise you about how to avoid critical mistakes, and help develop a strategy aimed at achieving your objectives while keeping costs as low as possible. Beware of Communications Produced During Attempts at Dispute Resolution In […]

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Title IX Defense: Choosing Witnesses and Evidence

Title IX By Binnall Law Group - 2021/12/17 at 07:00am

Being accused of a Title IX offense can be a devastating experience. Procedures on campus may quickly make you appear guilty to everyone even before the investigation starts. Because the system is set up to protect potential victims, the rights of the accused are often disregarded. Working with a student defense attorney throughout the process can help preserve your rights and prevent mistakes or miscarriages of justice that could have a disastrous effect on your future. While your attorney will help make final choices, here are some factors to keep in mind when choosing witnesses and evidence to build your […]

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