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Practice Areas

Binnall Law Group is an experienced Alexandria law firm that represents clients throughout the Virginia-Maryland-Washington DC area, and throughout the country. We provide knowledgeable counsel and strategic litigation representation in such matters as business disputes, employment, white-collar crimes, constitutional law and election law.

Business and Commercial Disputes

Our firm represents businesses in complex commercial disputes involving leases, contracts, business torts and defamation. We also have substantial experience representing government contractors with their particular needs, including breach of teaming agreements, non-compete clauses and nondisclosure agreements entered into between contractors, subcontractors, and employees.

Our attorneys are used to working in the fast-paced, “rocket docket” U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, where attorneys are expected to be well-prepared and move cases along efficiently. We apply this same policy to all of our litigation in jurisdictions throughout the Virginia-Maryland-DC metro area.

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Employment Law

Our attorneys guide companies through effective resolution of employment law disputes. We handle wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, FMLA violations, unpaid commissions and wage and hour disputes. In addition, we advise businesses on improving their employment policies and procedures, including handbook reviews.

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White-Collar Criminal Defense

Our experienced team delivers strategic, aggressive defenses to white-collar crime charges. We urge all witnesses, subjects and targets to retain independent counsel immediately upon learning of the investigation. By taking action early, our lawyers are able to best protect our clients’ rights in white-collar crimes investigations involving such serious allegations as fraud, FCPA violations, money laundering, obstruction of justice, bribery, forgery, False Claims Act violations, extortion, embezzlement, identity theft and perjury.

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Privacy Law

Our firm vehemently opposes the government’s violations of privacy. We represent individuals served with third-party warrants and subpoenas and advise when clients are within their rights to refuse compliance, particularly as governed by the Stored Communications Act (SCA).

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Civil Rights and Political Law

Our attorneys took an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution and have devoted their practices to protecting all Americans’ rights to free speech, privacy and due process. Additionally, our partner is a parliamentarian who is experienced in political and election laws.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

A good trial attorney knows when to consider alternative dispute resolution. If it is in our client’s best immediate and long-term interests, we will take a dispute to arbitration or negotiate a settlement through mediation. Our lawyers also employ effective ADR methods to resolve complex international business disputes.

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Our attorneys who practice appellate law have substantial litigation experience, which is vital to identify trial errors and argue for relief on appeal. Upon a full review of the trial transcripts and other evidence, we advise our clients about the costs, time and potential outcomes of filing an appeal so they can make well-informed decisions.

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Parliamentary Procedure

Our partner is a certified professional parliamentarian with extensive knowledge and experience in helping professional organizations, homeowner associations, political campaigns, and many other groups navigate through the complex rules and procedures of parliamentary authorities like Robert’s Rules of Order and their own internal bylaws and rules. We also often advise candidates, campaigns and political organizations in rules and strategy.

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Title IX Defense

As Title IX defense attorneys, we believe that no matter how bad the allegations against a student are, everyone is entitled to due process and a vigorous defense. But that is not happening in far too many schools throughout America. Title IX administrators and investigators are often biased and students are being railroaded through processes that are unfair and, often times, blatantly unconstitutional.

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Local Counsel

Binnall Law Group is a well-respected civil litigation law firm located in Alexandria. Our team is comprised of professional, ethical attorneys and support staff who are driven to put our clients in the best possible position. Our approach is to prepare every case as though we are going to trial so that we are fully prepared to take on the claim in the courtroom or reach a successful settlement.  Firms located outside of the Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC area often retain our Eastern District of Virginia lawyers as local counsel. With our assistance, attorneys can feel confident that they are acting in their clients’ best interests.

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