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Ben North

Associate and Title IX Advisor

P: 703-888-1943
F: 703 -888-1930

717 King Street, Suite 200
Alexandria VA 22314
United States of America


Ben is a dedicated litigator with a passion for justice. His practice areas include constitutional law, civil litigation, and civil rights with a specialization in Title IX. He also assists clients through internal and administrative investigations, including Title IX investigations at schools and universities. Prior to joining Binnall Law Group, Ben worked for both the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office and the Lake County Public Defender’s office, where he worked on both civil and criminal matters involving constitutional rights of citizens. In law school, he developed a first-of-its-kind database of all successful accused-student Title IX cases, broken down by causes of action.

Ben is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University School of Law, where he was vice president of the law school’s national mock trial team. Ben was the only student of the team to place second, first, and then second place in the three competitions in which he participated. In the final competition, Ben’s three-student team placed higher than teams from Harvard and Georgetown law – and placed top prosecution team overall – in the John L. Costello National Criminal Law Trial Advocacy Competition at the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University. Ben graduated in May 2021.

Ben grew up in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, not intending to become a lawyer. But while in college, Ben was wrongfully subjected to his university’s Title IX process, where he saw firsthand the shadowy and discriminatory injustice of that system. This experience changed Ben’s life, causing him to want to become a lawyer, to ensure his clients’ rights are protected and authorities are held to account under the law.

After transferring from his prior university, Ben graduated from John Cabot University in Rome, Italy with a Bachelor of Arts in History, in May 2018. Ben enjoys traveling, studying history, and getting involved in libertarian and conservative politics.

Ben is licensed to practice law in Virginia.