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Local Counsel

Eastern District of Virginia Attorneys

Binnall Law Group is a well-respected civil litigation law firm located in Alexandria. Our team is comprised of professional, ethical attorneys and support staff who are driven to put our clients in the best possible position. Our approach is to prepare every case as though we are going to trial so that we are fully prepared to take on the claim in the courtroom or reach a successful settlement.

Firms located outside of the Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC area often retain our Eastern District of Virginia lawyers as local counsel. With our assistance, attorneys can feel confident that they are acting in their clients’ best interests.

Retaining a Local Trial Attorney in Virginia’s Rocket Docket is Crucial

The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia earned the reputation as the “Rocket Docket” during the 1960s when Judge Albert V. Bryan, Jr. was in charge because of the court’s speed in processing cases. At that time, the court often made an immediate decision upon the conclusion of oral arguments. Fewer cases are decided immediately now, but the EDVA continues to be one of the most efficient in the country, processing civil cases faster than any of the 94 federal districts and ranking eighth fastest in criminal cases.

The Rocket Docket can be challenging to lawyers who are unaccustomed to its fast pace. Continuances in the Virginia Eastern District Court are almost unheard of and motions and discovery deadlines arise in quick order. Attorneys from outside the district do not have time to learn the court’s procedural rules and cannot delay in starting the litigation process. The court expects lawyers to work strictly by the book and gives no leeway for missed deadlines.

Retaining local counsel for trial is helpful in any court in which an attorney does not regularly practice. However, in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, local counsel is crucial.

Attorneys often hire our firm as local counsel to hit the ground running. We have built our civil litigation practice in the Virginia Eastern District and know the court’s procedures and policies inside and out. We are familiar with the unique environment of this court and its judges, clerks, courtroom staff as well as other local attorneys who regularly practice in the district.

Local Counsel Arrangements

Our Eastern District of Virginia law firm can engage in the type of local counsel arrangement that is best suited to the particular circumstances of the case. If appropriate, we act as a partner to try complicated cases that can benefit from experienced litigation counsel. Some attorneys may retain us to handle all courtroom proceedings and take on a more pronounced role once the case is scheduled for trial. Transactional attorneys often prefer to refer their litigation cases to us.

Retain Local Eastern District of Virginia Lawyers to Assist Your Clients in Litigation

If you are in need of assistance in connection with a case in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, put your clients in experienced, ethical hands. Retain the lawyers at Binnall Law Group as your Eastern District of Virginia attorneys for your litigation matters.