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Business and Commercial Disputes

Binnall Law Group is a premier business and commercial litigation law firm in Alexandria. Our dedicated legal team represents companies, professionals and individuals in all types of disputes that may arise during the course of business.

We are known for our trial-ready approach in which we prepare for every case as though we are going to trial. By planning for trial from day one, we are able to plot our every action toward successful litigation. This tactic also gives us an edge during settlement negotiations because opposing counsel knows we are ready to take the case to trial unless settlement terms are favorable to our client.

Government Contractors

Government contracts often involve teaming partner relationships, complicated commissions-based employment agreements and covenants not to compete. Our attorneys have experience navigating these intricate arrangements and helping clients equitably resolve disputes involving government contractors.

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Commercial Leases

Commercial leases are complex contracts that are regularly litigated. Our litigation lawyers represent landlords and tenants involved in breach of lease claims. In these matters, we might pursue or resist eviction, back-rent or monetary damages.

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Contract Disputes

Even the most carefully written contract can result in a dispute. When a breach occurs, our attorneys help clients reach the best results possible through settlement negotiations, mediation, arbitration or trial. Depending on the claim, we may pursue specific performance, injunction or monetary damages.

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Business Torts

Business torts may harm a company’s profits, reputation and growth. Our attorneys take action to put our clients in the best position possible after being the target of tortious interference, misappropriation of trade secrets, conspiracy, restraint of trade or other business torts.

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Technology and Virtual Currency Disputes

Technology law is changing rapidly to keep up with the constant advances in the tech industry. We remain current on the latest issues that affect our clients’ cases. We help victims of cybercrime recover damages from partners and firms that are responsible for their losses. We also litigate the very new area of virtual currency and bitcoin.

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Reputation is a highly valued asset that may be tarnished by defamation. Our lawyers take action against the person, media or entity that libeled or slandered our client. We also defend against wrongful accusations of defamation.

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Corporate Litigation

Our firm represents shareholders in derivative claims and other lawsuits against corporations and other business entities. We also represent partners to resolve partnership disputes and to equitably dissolve the arrangement.

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An Alexandria Business Litigation Attorney Can Help You Resolve a Commercial Dispute

If you have questions about what options may be available for resolving your commercial or business dispute, we can help. Schedule an appointment with an Alexandria business litigation attorney at Binnall Law Group for effective, efficient representation in the Virginia, Maryland and D.C. courts, and throughout the country.