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Significant Cases

Binnall Law Group is an experienced business law firm that handles cases involving white collar crimes, commercial litigation, employment law, privacy law and civil rights. Our attorneys have a strong track record of success. Below, we share cases that are significant because of the facts, legal arguments, judgment amount, or impact on our clients and the rule of law.

Civil Litigation

Our civil trial team has won millions of dollars on behalf of plaintiffs and delivered vigorous defenses of defendants in commercial lawsuits. Our litigation division includes Jesse Binnall, Lindsay McKasson, Jason Greaves and Shawn Flynn.

  • Jesse Binnall won a judgment on behalf of a partner against the majority Limited Liability Company members who attempted to freeze him out.
  • Jesse Binnall won a defense award in a contract dispute for a website development company at a multi-day arbitration before the American Arbitration Association (AAA).
  • Jesse Binnall represented a small business in litigation against its former accountants in a professional malpractice case that resulted in a favorable settlement.
  • Jesse Binnall represented a real estate investor in litigation against her partner that resulted in a favorable settlement.

Business Transactions

Binnall Law Group handles complex, high-stakes transactions. Our litigation experience gives us a unique perspective into disputes that may arise and means of avoiding those issues at the transactional stage.

  • Jesse Binnall negotiated a complex interior design contract with a foreign government.

Constitutional Law

Our lawyers took an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution. We advocate for our clients’ First Amendment and due process rights in federal courts.

  • Jesse Binnall overcame a gag order on behalf of a nonparty in a federal court case.
  • In a landmark First Amendment, Thirteenth Amendment and All Writs Act claim, Binnall Law Group submitted a brief in support of a large multi-national tech company that refused the FBI’s request to give the U.S. government unfettered access to its customers’ data.

Political and Election Laws

A fair, transparent and accessible elections process is crucial for a strong democracy. Our attorneys protect the rights of candidates, parties, voters and the public in local, state and federal elections.

  • Jesse Binnall represented several presidential campaigns at National conventions on party rules and procedures.
  • Jesse Binnall won a favorable jury verdict for a presidential campaign executive in a federal criminal trial.
  • Jesse Binnall served as parliamentarian to four presidential campaigns.

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Binnall Law Group, PLLC works hard on our clients’ behalf and have created a strong track record of success. Schedule an appointment with our experienced Alexandria business law firm to discuss how we can help you.