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Why Strategies for Avoiding Litigation May Cost You More

Business and Commercial DisputesLitigation By Binnall Law Group - 2021/12/24 at 07:00am

Litigation is expensive and time-consuming. It makes sense to resolve business disputes out of court in many cases. However, sometimes, companies will go to great lengths to avoid a lawsuit, and in the process, they create costly problems.

The solution in many situations is to consult a business attorney who is familiar with litigation strategies. An experienced Alexandria business litigation attorney could review the situation, advise you about how to avoid critical mistakes, and help develop a strategy aimed at achieving your objectives while keeping costs as low as possible.

Beware of Communications Produced During Attempts at Dispute Resolution

In many situations, it is possible to resolve a disagreement in-house without consulting outside legal counsel. If a customer is dissatisfied with a service or a product, for instance, an offer of a replacement or other assistance can often put a matter to rest.

When an offer is rejected, however, and it appears a dispute may become complex, or when the problem stems from a potentially inflammatory matter, it is important to take great care with the communications produced about the subject. Inter-company communications could reveal information that could be used against your interests. If that information is shared with your Alexandria business litigation attorney, it becomes protected by attorney-client privilege rules. When it is not, it could be discoverable, taken out of context, and prove harmful in court.

It is not a bad idea to approach all dispute resolution as if a case were going to court. Keep track of all communications and be very careful of information released or promises made.

Don’t Wait for an Emergency to Develop a Relationship with a Litigation Attorney

The best efforts at dispute resolution can fail. If your company does not have a backup plan, you could be scrambling to find legal assistance on short notice. Because the best attorneys, like the best contractors, are always busy, your last-minute scramble is likely to leave you with a less-than-ideal choice of legal advocates. Even worse, you will have no opportunity to negotiate a reasonable rate for services.

If, instead, you develop a relationship with an Alexandria business litigation attorney when a problem is in the early stages, you will be prepared with legal representation at an agreed-upon price from a trusted advisor who is familiar with the needs of your business.

Ignoring a Problem is Not Likely to Make it Go Away

Perhaps the worst strategy for avoiding litigation is to ignore a problem and hope the antagonist gives up. Whether the issue involves a shareholder dispute, an employee complaint, allegations of fraud, a commercial lease, orbreach of contract, waiting for the problem to resolve itself will only enable the consequences to spiral further out of control. Instead of shying away from a conflict, it is necessary to address a problem head-on and resolve it before the solution becomes exorbitantly expensive.

Consult a Knowledgeable Alexandria Business Litigation Attorney to Help Resolve Conflicts Economically

Preparing for litigation is often the best way to avoid it. Doing the research and initiating communication can often pave the way to dispute resolution before a lawsuit is filed or before the process gets too serious. 

To learn the most effective strategies for avoiding litigation without unnecessarily adding to your potential costs, talk to an experienced Alexandria business litigation attorney at Binnall Law Group today.