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Four Ways to Reduce Litigation Expenses

Litigation By Binnall Law Group - 2021/11/19 at 09:48am

Litigation is costly in terms of dollars and the demands placed on staff time and energy. Even if a business in Alexandria relies on a lawyer to handle the lawsuit, that attorney will need to work closely with someone in the industry throughout the process. 

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the expenses connected with business litigation in Alexandria. Here are a few tips to increase efficiency from an experienced Alexandria business litigation attorney.

Consult a Litigation Attorney Early-On

It is reasonable to expect to resolve a minor conflict such as a customer service issue without assistance from an outside attorney. However, when a contract dispute, allegations of wrongdoing, or technology conflict could potentially cause severe problems, it is worthwhile to consult a business litigation attorney in Alexandria. 

Working with a legal advisor who understands litigation can reduce costs in several ways, especially if he or she is hired early-on in the process. First of all, it will be possible to develop a strategic approach to the problem, steering the outcome toward the desired conclusion and creating a backup plan to handle challenges. Second, companies can avoid producing potentially incriminating documents when communicating about the issues involved in the dispute because critical documents can be protected by attorney-client privilege. Last but not least, at the early stages when the need for litigation counsel is not desperate, it is easier to negotiate reasonable fees and cost arrangements. 

Put a Limit on Pretrial Motions and Depositions

In some situations, companies ask their attorney to depose as many witnesses as possible and file every motion available. However, these tactics often drive up the cost of litigation substantially without having much effect on the outcome of the case. It is much more cost effective to discuss the need for depositions and motions and make it a standing practice to have an Alexandria business litigation attorney ask before filing any additional motions or deposing additional witnesses. 

Consider Ending Proceedings Early

Just because a dispute turns into a lawsuit does not mean it needs to end in a full-blown trial. The information exchanged in discovery often leads the parties to a better understanding that paves the way for a settlement.

If mediation can provide a way to resolve the dispute, that option could save a company a small fortune. Of course, it is important to weigh the savings against potential harm, such as damage to a company’s reputation. 

Ask for Regular Reports from an Alexandria Business Litigation Attorney 

No one enjoys creating a budget for a project, particularly in a situation like litigation where so many variables are involved. However, it is good to review anticipated costs with an Alexandria business litigation attorney and set a budget based on those expectations. Then require counsel to regularly report how much is being spent and where the money is going. These reports could highlight wasteful practices, such as having too many attorneys attend meetings. 

The reports should also specify whether there are alternatives or settlement options available at that particular point in the proceedings. 

Consult a Dedicated Alexandria Business Litigation Attorney for Cost-Saving Suggestions Specific to Your Situation

A competent Alexandria business litigation attorney will want to develop a relationship and cultivate future business. Therefore, that attorney should be willing to work with others as needed to create cost-reduction strategies that will save time and effort for everyone involved. 

To speak with a seasoned business dispute lawyer at Binnall Law Group about how we can help keep your litigation expenses to a minimum while working to obtain your objectives, contact us today for a confidential consultation.