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Business Torts

Alexandria Business Dispute Attorney Successfully Handling Business Tort Cases 

Binnall Law Group is a boutique business litigation law firm that focuses on reaching the best possible resolution for its clients. We represent plaintiffs whose business interests have been harmed by the purposeful or negligent torts of another party. We also defend businesses against whom a claim of business torts has been made. If a company is not playing by the rules, we are ready to take action.

Our legal team handles business torts claims throughout the DC Metro area and we appear regularly in the Northern Virginia “Rocket Docket” courts, where knowing procedural rules and efficiently preparing for litigation is crucial. Our lawyers start each case with the perspective that it will proceed to trial. We are, thus, fully prepared to try the claim with confidence as to our client’s position. Our aggressive trial preparation also drives the success of our settlement negotiations because opposing counsel knows we have built a strong case and will only accept the settlement agreement our clients deserve.

Tortious Interference

The law recognizes the intrinsic value in business relationships and the contracts that govern those relationships. A breakdown in these crucial business dealings could jeopardize projects, harm business good will and diminish profits. A business that purposely interferes with a contract or business relationship and causes economic damages may be held liable for tortious interference.

Misappropriation of Trade Secrets

A business has a vital interest in protecting its trade secrets to remain competitive. Trade secrets may include confidential data, processes, formulae, patterns, devices, methods, ingredients, techniques, programs and client lists that add value to the business and in which the business takes steps to maintain their secrecy. A business that unlawfully uses another business’s trade secrets may be responsible for damages, as may the person who shared the information, usually a current or former employee.


Our capitalist economy is based on free and fair competition. When parties conspire to injure a business or entrepreneur, they might be violating the law and can be held accountable in a civil action. Not all joint efforts are conspiracies, however, and often parties are wrongly accused of collusion. We are proud to aggressively represent those seeking to hold parties accountable for civil conspiracy and for those resisting such conspiracy suits.

Remedies to Business Torts

We pursue all available remedies for clients who have sustained harm because of a business tort. If the business is still engaged in the unlawful conduct, an Alexandria business dispute attorney at our firm will file for an emergency injunction to avoid continued harm. We will also pursue permanent injunctive relief and a judgment for monetary damages against the defendants.

Defenses to Business Torts

Lingering litigation can cost a business substantial time and money. This is particularly frustrating if defending against frivolous accusations. Our law firm acts efficiently and effectively to protect our clients’ interests while always remaining cognizant of reducing litigation expenses and potential damage awards.

Contact an Alexandria Business Dispute Attorney to Learn More About Litigating a Business Torts Claim 

If your business has been harmed by the negligent or purposeful actions of another party, or you are facing a business tort claim, contact an Alexandria business dispute attorney at Binnall Law Group. We will carefully review your situation and outline the most effective solutions available to you.