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Technology and Virtual Currency Disputes

Bitcoin is no longer just the currency of the future: its time has arrived and it is changing the way that we look at money. More and more businesses and entrepreneurs are using and investing in virtual currency. Moreover, the blockchain technology upon which Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are based are also revolutionizing various technologies, including financial markets.

At the same time, the rise of cybersecurity threats is changing the way we view privacy and information security. As always, revolutionary technology comes a host of legal obstacles. We are proud to have represented businesses and individuals in disputes relating to virtual currency emerging markets and cybersecurity. In fact, our lawyers have represented businesses and individuals in various cryptocurrency disputes such as Bitcoin theft cases, the standards of care in safeguarding virtual currency held in Bitcoin wallets, and disputes with regulators, who often apply archaic regulations unevenly and unfairly.

Whatever legal issue you or your business is facing in a high-tech world, Binnall Law Group’s aggressive preparation and zealous representation helps clients navigate these uncharted legal waters.