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Category: Business and Commercial Disputes

When Does a Delay Constitute a Contract Breach?

Business and Commercial DisputesLitigation By Binnall Law Group - 2020/11/02 at 11:48am

Work With an Experienced Alexandria Commercial Litigation Lawyer   If you are involved in a contract dispute in which the central issue concerns the “timeliness” of performance, then you may be confused about whether the failure to perform one’s contract responsibilities in a timely manner could qualify as a breach. Contracts vary quite significantly depending on the circumstances — with some contracts, a slight delay would hardly be considered a problem.  With other contracts, our Alexandria commercial litigation lawyer knows that a slight delay could lead to a domino effect of losses that seriously impact the other party. Let’s take […]

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Reliance Damages for Breach of Contract

Business and Commercial Disputes By Binnall Law Group - 2020/10/16 at 11:06am

Experienced Alexandria Business Dispute Attorney If you were involved in a contract with another party (who ultimately breached said contract), then you may have a right to sue and recover damages as compensation for the various losses suffered. Damages in breach of contract cases can vary quite substantially, however, depending on the circumstances.  In some cases, future profits are accessible, while in others, the damages account for the losses incurred in anticipation or preparation for the contract (reliance damages). Reliance damages are a crucial issue in many breach of contract disputes. Let’s take a closer look at how reliance damages […]

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Immaterial Breaches Are Not Punishable By Law

Business and Commercial Disputes By Binnall Law Group - 2020/09/30 at 05:01pm

Experienced Business Dispute Lawyer in Alexandria, VA Breach of contract disputes are highly fact-specific, and so it can be somewhat difficult for parties involved in the dispute to fully understand how the conflict is going to play out should the case go to trial. For first-time litigants, one confusing issue is that of materiality — whether the breach was material or immaterial.  Only a material breach can give rise to liability.  An immaterial breach cannot give rise to liability. It is therefore in the plaintiff’s best interest to establish that the breach of contract at-issue was material.  By contrast, is […]

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The Enforceability of a Liquidated Damages Provision

Business and Commercial Disputes By Binnall Law Group - 2020/05/15 at 09:27am

Experienced Alexandria Commercial Litigation Lawyer   If you are involved in a breach of contract dispute in which the relevant agreement contains a liquidated damages provision, then you may be confused as to whether the provision is actually enforceable under the law. Depending on your position in litigation, the enforcement of the provision (which essentially establishes a “flat fee” damages amount to be paid out in the event of a contract breach) could be favorable or unfavorable to your interests.  As such, it’s important to determine the likelihood of a court enforcing the provision so that you can secure a […]

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