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Binnall Law Group: Brand Story by Jesse Binnall

Litigation By Binnall Law Group - 2022/12/01 at 07:01am

I’m Jesse Binnall, Founder and Partner at Binnall Law Group. I’d like to share how I started a law firm focused on justice and client experience. 

We are lawyers. But we’re more than that. We do not look for easy wins. We want the hard battles to fight. We have the best lawyers and a fantastic support team working behind the scenes. We take into account the goals and specific needs of each client and create a plan for victory. Every client gets a unique experience tailored to their needs. We fight like hell for victory.

We know that when clients come to us, they need help. Whether it’s Title IX, white-collar crime, a political campaign or a nonprofit issue, it is one of the most important things going on in their life. We take the trust they put in us very seriously and we are here to serve them. Finding out what is important to our clients is how we meet our goals.

This is not a story of firsts. This is the third law firm that I have created. It has been a constant story of growth for me. I have worked with great people along the way and learned from some of the best lawyers. My inspiration for creating this firm was to be able to put together a team of all-star lawyers and a client experience second to none. This allows us to take on some of the biggest and most important cases in the country on one hand and serve average Americans by focusing on them on the other. The best part is that since we have such an amazing team, no one can out-lawyer us.

We have the experience to provide top-notch support but are small enough that bureaucracy never gets in the way of advocacy. We always strive to be the best and are not afraid of risks. That’s what I live by and why this firm is successful today.