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Advantages to Resolving Disputes Through Litigation

Business and Commercial DisputesLitigation By Binnall Law Group - 2021/08/13 at 12:26pm

These days, it seems that alternative dispute resolution is touted as the way to accomplish everything, including reducing costs. While there are times when mediation or another less contentious route can be a suitable option for settling a conflict, many other times, litigation is the most effective means to resolve a dispute. 

Whether you are considering strategies to prevent a new problem from getting out of hand or are already facing a raging inferno, it is worthwhile to consider some of the advantages to resolving disputes through litigation and see how they match up with your situation. An experienced Alexandria business dispute attorney could walk you through your options to help determine how these advantages could play out in your case. 

The Litigation Discovery Process Can Foster Cooperation

It can be hard to conceptualize, but the “contentious” process of litigation can actually foster greater cooperation in dispute resolution. In many cases, it may be more accurate to say that the litigation process forces cooperation, but the outcome is the same. 

If one party is slow to respond or even unwilling to talk, deadlines from the court should soon have the information flowing. Court-supervised processes for discovery could get the parties talking and allow for resolution of the conflict before the process proceeds any further. If the conflict remains, at least you have a method to obtain evidence to bolster your position as you move forward.

An Alexandria Business Dispute Attorney Can Use Litigation to Set a Helpful Precedent 

If you are dealing with conflict over an issue that is likely to come up again in a similar or analogous context, settling the issue in court can establish a valuable precedent. You can point to that ruling in the future to forestall other potential stalemates. 

An Alexandria business dispute attorney could review the legal issues at issue in your case to determine whether precedent could come in handy in the future. 

Litigation Can Cut Off the Rumor Mill

When you take a matter to court, you make it an issue of public record. This allows your company the opportunity to explain what’s going on before damaging rumors start circulating about secret negotiations and settlements behind closed doors. You show that you have nothing to hide. 

After all, even though settlements are often offered to save on time and resources, in the public mind, a settlement is an admission of guilt. By showing a willingness to resolve the dispute in a public arena, you demonstrate the courage of your convictions and gain the chance to put your side of the story in front of everyone. Moreover, an Alexandria business dispute attorney knows that because the rules of evidence are much stricter in court than other means of dispute resolution, you can weed out harmful speculation and stick to the facts.

Litigation Produces Conclusive Results

Methods of alternative dispute resolution are perceived as less contentious because they seek to foster a collaborative approach to problem-solving. Sometimes, this approach does not solve anything, however, and the conflict remains despite your best efforts. You could invest substantial resources and waste considerable time mired in a conflict that is no closer to resolution at the end than when you started. 

The litigation process, by contrast, can produce a clear result. If the promptings of the discovery process do not inspire a negotiated agreement, then the ruling of the judge will give you a clear outcome. The outcome can be appealed, but appeals are limited, and the process will come to a definitive end, allowing you to move forward.

Talk to an Alexandria Dispute Resolution Attorney to Learn if Litigation is the Right Approach in Your Case

Conflict is a poison that can paralyze and strangle your business. At Binnall Law Group, we understand how to take advantage of different strategies to resolve conflict quickly while protecting your interests. Contact a knowledgeable Alexandria dispute resolution attorney now to learn about the results we could produce for you.