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Non-Prosecution Agreements and Deferred Prosecution Agreements

White Collar Criminal Defense By Binnall Law Group - 2019/04/23 at 09:01pm

Experienced White Collar Defense Attorney in Alexandria, VA If you’re being investigated for having engaged in white collar criminal activity, then you may be feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the prospect of criminal litigation — certainly, the threat of punishment is more “real” than ever, with the Department of Justice actively prosecuting white collar cases in an effort to make up for their perceived weakness in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. Still, despite the aggressive tendencies of government prosecutors in today’s tense legal landscape, there are many ways in which white collar criminal defendants can minimize or avoid punishment, […]

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Equitable Remedies in Contract Disputes

Business and Commercial Disputes By Binnall Law Group - 2019/04/16 at 08:59pm

Experienced Business Dispute Lawyer in Alexandria, VA If you’re involved in a serious commercial contract dispute, then you may be preliminary exploring the potential liabilities and what would make for a “best fit” recovery given the circumstances.  Given the enormous diversity of contract claims, it should be unsurprising that courts make a wide range of remedies available. Though most parties involved in a contract dispute are aware of legal remedies (i.e., monetary compensation for the financial losses sustained in a breach of contract scenario), equitable remedies may be available in cases where monetary compensation is simply insufficient or incompatible with […]

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Basics of an Unfair Competition Claim

Business and Commercial Disputes By Binnall Law Group - 2019/03/29 at 10:24am

Experienced Alexandria Commercial Litigation Lawyer If you’ve been sued for engaging in unfair competition, or if you have been harmed by another’s misconduct (giving rise to a claim that comes under the unfair competition umbrella), then you may be feeling somewhat confused as to what the underlying claim entails. In the legal sense, it may not be entirely clear to most laypeople what unfair competition actually means.  In general parlance, unfairness can describe a situation that is 100 percent legal, after all — if you lose a client because a sudden traffic jam forces you to reschedule an important meeting, […]

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Lost Profits and Reasonable Certainty

Business and Commercial Disputes By Binnall Law Group - 2019/03/22 at 10:19am

Get High-End Advocacy From an Alexandria Commercial Litigation Lawyer If you are involved in a breach of contract dispute in which the breaching party has caused you to sustain significant profit loss, then you may be entitled to such damages.  Lost profits damages are likely to be in excess of the standard damages total that would otherwise be available, as they account for prospective economic harm (which carries with it an element of inherent uncertainty). Lost profits damages can be difficult to establish, however, and courts tend to be rather conservative in allowing for the recovery of anticipated profits.  As […]

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