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FBI Interviews

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is the nation’s prime law enforcement body that investigates serious crimes such as terrorism, public corruption, civil rights violence, organized crime and other white-collar crimes. Any person or company that is the target of an FBI inquiry should not hesitate to retain legal counsel. The charges are serious and the potential outcome may be devastating.

Binnall Law Group has extensive experience representing clients during FBI investigations. Our civil rights and constitutional law backgrounds are instrumental in our approach. We do not back down from FBI agents or any other law enforcement officer. We lodge an aggressive defense of our client’s rights.

Nobody Should Speak to an FBI Agent Alone

Being the target or subject of a law enforcement investigation is an unnerving event. In fact, this is true even when the interviewee in only classified as a witness and is not currently thought to have violated any laws. Law enforcement officers and agents are trained to elicit information and intimidate people into handing over data, some of which investigators do not have the right to take. Statements, documents and other evidence that seem innocuous may in fact be the smoking gun.

Even if nothing is found initially, once the right is waived, the waiver often cannot be undone. Therefore, the target may have opened the door to future inquiries after the FBI merely engaged in a fishing exposition at the initial contact.

Often, the target or subject of a white-collar crime investigation has never been in trouble before and feels compelled to cooperate. In doing so, she or he puts everything at stake — career, reputation, financial well-being and freedom.

Crucial to Retain Counsel During Investigation

We have often heard the refrain, “hiring an attorney will make me look guilty.” Unfortunately, once a person is the target or subject of an investigation, she or he is already suspected of the crime.

We recommend that clients call us immediately upon any indication that they are being investigated or asked to give information as a witness to the crime. Our lawyers protect our clients’ constitutional rights against self-incrimination and unjust searches and seizures. By getting involved at the initial stages, we can often stop prosecutors from filing charges so that our clients avoid the stresses and uncertainties of trial.

We remain by our client’s side at every stage of an investigation, ensuring that the FBI does not overstep its authority or pressure our client into giving up potentially incriminating information or documents.

Retain Qualified Legal Counsel if You Are the Target, Subject or Witness in an FBI Investigation

Do not speak to an FBI agent alone or give access to any documents, computers or property without first conferring with an experienced white-collar criminal defense lawyer. Schedule an appointment with our Alexandria federal court law firm today so that we can provide you with the assistance you need to protect your legal rights and your future.