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Political and Election Prosecutions

Federal and state prosecutors are becoming more aggressive in prosecuting political candidates and political operatives for engaging in disfavored political activities. Many of these prosecutions are investigated by the FBI and prosecuted by the Public Integrity Section at “Main Justice” or a local U.S. Attorney’s office. Moreover, the Federal Election Commission has its own method for investigating alleged violations of the Federal Election Campaign Act (“FECA”). These FEC investigations can result in fines or civil litigation. Many states also have regulatory bodies that investigate and enforce state campaign finance laws.

When people in politics discover or suspect that they may be a subject (or even a witness) in one of these Department of Justice investigations, it is vital that they immediately seek competent legal representation. Because of the nature of politics, often defendants in these cases try find a political fix to the problem. Unfortunately, this often leads to making the problem worse; even seemingly innocuous acts to try to solve the problem at issue can result in more charges for crimes like obstruction of justice. However, a good lawyer can develop appropriate and aggressive strategies in opposing public integrity investigations and prosecutions.

The white collar criminal defense attorneys at Binnall Law Group have experience analyzing and trying political prosecution and FEC cases in jurisdictions across the country. We take pride in working quickly and efficiently to help our clients develop and implement a winning strategy to confront these investigations and prosecutions.