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International Business Matters and Disputes

U.K. Transatlantic Lawyers for International Business Matters and Disputes

The United States and the United Kingdom have one of the world’s most important international relationships, as does the United States and Ireland. With close economic ties between the two countries, many American, Irish, and British firms and individuals conduct business on both sides of the Atlantic. Unfortunately, this means these individuals and companies are also involved in legal disputes in both the U.S. and U.K. Inevitably, they will require the services of a U.K. or Irish transatlantic lawyer.

At Binnall Law Group, our transatlantic lawyers are available to provide legal services to American, Irish, and British clients with disputes. For American firms involved in legal disputes in the U.K. or Ireland, we can connect these firms with barristers, reducing the cost of U.K. or Irish solicitors serving as middlemen. For British firms in American legal disputes, we provide high-quality legal representation throughout the U.S. 

In short, our Irish and U.K. transatlantic attorneys can facilitate desirable legal outcomes on both sides of the pond.

Assisting U.S. Businesses with Legal Disputes in the U.K. Or Ireland

A U.S. business involved in a U.K. legal dispute must navigate a legal system quite different from the American system. The initial difference is an American business generally cannot simply hire a British attorney to handle their case from beginning to end. Instead, the business must contend with the interplay between the two main types of British attorneys: solicitors and barristers.

Non-U.K. Businesses Forced to Hire Solicitors as Middlemen

Solicitors and barristers play very different roles in the British legal system. The main differences can be summarized as follows:

  • Solicitors: A solicitor primarily performs legal work outside of court. Solicitors generally advise clients, draft legal documents, and negotiate agreements. The public generally has more access to solicitors, as they are the lawyers traditionally contacted and hired by clients.
  • Barristers: A barrister is a legal advocate who appears in court. They generally work with groups of other barristers, known as “chambers.” Historically known for their traditional court attire of a black robe and wig, barristers have less public contact than solicitors. Barristers are usually hired by solicitors, who provide barristers with the details of the case.

Under this system, a non-U.K. business involved in an Irish or U.K. legal dispute is forced to first hire a solicitor, at significant cost. The solicitor will then hire a barrister to represent the client in court. Often, the solicitors act as high-priced middlemen between the clients and the barristers.

A foreign qualified Irish or U.K. transatlantic attorney can streamline this process by cutting out the solicitor as a middleman.

Binnall Law Group Cuts Out the Middleman and Connects Clients with Barristers

The transatlantic lawyers at Binnall Law Group can essentially perform a basic role of a solicitor for American companies – connecting clients with barristers to represent them in court. Under the traditional method, foreign businesses are paying too much to solicitor firms for this middleman role. Our firm can eliminate the solicitor stage for these businesses, ultimately providing them with more cost-effective representation. In cases where having the support of a solicitor is important, we can connect you with some of the best firms in the U.K. or Ireland. 

The foreign qualified attorneys at Binnall Law Group can advise American clients in their British legal disputes and connect them with barristers. Crucially, we have ties with many of the best barristers, in some of the best chambers, in England, Wales, and Ireland. 

Also critical, our firm can connect clients with barristers at different levels of experience. If the dispute is particularly high stakes, we can introduce you to barristers who are senior members of the Irish or U.K. bar, known as Queen’s counsel or “silks.” If keeping costs down is more important, we can connect with you with younger, less-experienced barristers who are still the brightest young minds the Irish or British bar has to offer. No matter your needs and circumstances, we can find the right barrister for you.

The greatest value of eliminating the solicitor middleman is quite simple – providing American businesses with efficient and competent representation at a better price.

Managing International Legal Disputes within the U.K. and America

The other side of this coin is U.K. businesses and professionals with legal disputes in American courts. Just as American firms must do in the U.K., British individuals and companies must deal with a foreign legal system with which they have little experience. This is another area where a U.K. transatlantic lawyer is indispensable.

Binnall Law Group is a boutique litigation firm experienced in commercial matters, maritime disputes, and white-collar criminal defense. Based in Alexandria, Virginia, we have represented clients from around the world in jurisdictions throughout the United States. We will match our work with any other American firm, large, medium or small. 

Moreover, we provide our services at a better value than our competitors. If your particular dispute is outside our expertise, we can connect you with another firm to handle your matter. If you need representation for your American legal dispute, you would be well-served to contact us first.

Connect with a U.K. Transatlantic Lawyer at Binnall Law Group

Whether your American business is involved in a British legal dispute, or your British business is involved in an American legal dispute, our U.K. transatlantic lawyers can help. Contact our firm today for a consultation.