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Megan Bird
Executive Assistant

    717 King Street, Suite 200
    Alexandria VA 22314
    United States of America

    Megan is a valuable member of Binnall Law Group, serving as the Executive Assistant to partner and founder, Jesse Binnall. Bringing years of administrative experience, she plays a crucial role in managing schedules, correspondence, and various tasks essential for the firm’s smooth operation. 

    A George Mason University graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history, Megan initially pursued her passion for education by working as a Pre-Kindergarten teacher. Her commitment to creating a nurturing learning environment reflects her dedication to both professional and personal growth. 

    Megan’s diverse experiences include serving as the Director of Strategy for formal recruitment at her fraternity, Alpha Phi, showcasing her leadership skills and strategic acumen. Beyond her professional endeavors, Megan is an accomplished dancer, earning awards and accolades across the country and obtaining a dance minor from George Mason University. 

    An avid runner, Megan enjoys exploring the DMV area with her local running group. Hailing from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, she has a deep affinity for hiking and harbors a passion for global travel, aspiring to hike around the world. 

    Megan brings a contagious passion for life to Binnall Law Group, always striving to make the lives of others easier amidst the demands of a legal environment. Her journey continues to be one of growth, versatility, and unwavering enthusiasm, contributing uniquely to the success of Binnall Law Group.